Thursday, January 24, 2013

So long... Sydneysiders!

So my day to day recounting doesn't really work... because realistically, not everyday is that interesting. I'll do my best to bring you the fun and interesting bits from our adventures, or when significant events occur.

So fast forward a frantic month and now we've packed up as much as we can, sold off the rest and found ourselves headed for New York!

Claude, (that's the name we've given my Clio) is actually quite a useful mover, belying his diminuitive stature.

 This picture is him loaded up about a day before we leave. Moving some of our possessions back to my mum and dad's place.
He's still for sale if you're interested /shameless plug.

So then came the day that we were due to fly out for New York. We tried to pack light but Deb insisted on trying to take one more souvenir with us.

As you can see it was a little case of wishful thinking there. But Deb had really wanted to visit the duckie before we left and we had a little time before our flight, so why the hell not?

Because of all our big luggage, my side of the family couldn't come with us in the car, but they made the trip to come see us off all the same.

Thus began our journey on the plane. Here we are looking all travel chic, bright and cheery.

We were flying China Airways via Taiwan and also Osaka. All up about 27 hours in transit, with 4 hours worth of stop-over on top of that... not an enjoyable experience, but not one we'll be repeating anytime soon... so we survived it.

The flight was quite pleasant, plenty of space with modern amenities, which was great for the price because we paid a similarly for the United Airways flight for far less comfort.
The food wasn't that nice on the first leg, very bland, on the other legs it got better, the fruit was very tasty. Service was so so, but they skimped heavily on the snacks and drinks. You get about one drink option for the whole flight with no other choice but water or chinese tea the rest.

At our stop off at Taiwan there was an "interesting" art display, describing ethereal inhabitants of the Taiwan airport called "No Mens".

Here you see me doing my best impression.

 The rest of the trip is pretty much a non-event. We were a little confused in Taiwan when our flight was described to go through Osaka, we must have forgotten that part of the itinerary. But it was dispatched with typical Japanese efficiency, until we got to the gate we were told to go to. At which point we were prompted that the plane was moved to another one for boarding, which was weird because up until the first gate there were plenty of signs posted to tell us where we were supposed to board.

So fast forward a few better airline meals, and inaudible english PA announcements, we arrived at New York, to -9 degree weather. At least it was sunny? Coming from 30+ degree Sydney averages it was a pretty hard pill to swallow.

We eventually made it up to our temporary home for the month, thanks go to Dawen and his brother Alvin for giving us a lift. In the door... and we promptly fainted.

So right now we're lounging on the couch, with the heater blaring. Planning for the days ahead.
So long Sydney! We'll see you soon.

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