Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Way of Doing Things

I realised I need to change the way I do things in order to keep this blog up to date and relevant, I've been missing alot of important and fun things to share lately too, so from now on, I'll try to keep my posts more succinct in order to keep my loyal readers up with what we're up to.

Last Friday we decided to take our chances on going to see The Book of Mormon. If you don't know it's one of the newer broadway musicals and still greatly in demand. Tickets are still at the price point of $200+ so we decided to give "standing room" tickets a shot.

Thank goodness it's not raining...

We arrived at about 5 to line up for tickets to make sure we didn't miss out, we were about 12th from the window. It helped that it was cold and dreary. This is the modest crowd that ended up forming not long after. Right of frame anyway. To the left are the people that hung around for the lottery, where about a dozen names are drawn from the barrel for the chance to buy tickets

 And the winners are...

While waiting for the tickets, we (well... I cared...) also managed to see not one but two of these on the road. Most likely dealership cars as they had no plates.

 One stopped by the side of the road,

The other honked at him while driving by,

I haven't seen a Tesla in the metal yet, letalone the two newer Model S's. I'm usually averse to American styling in cars, but these two are very elegant and swooshy. With a $7400 electric car tax credit on a circa $80,000 purchase price and $500/month leasing, you can't say they aren't doing their best to bring the electric car to the people, granted those people need to be pretty well off. For the money  you can buy a BMW 640 Gransport Coupe, but on the other hand you can barely lease a 535i for that much. The govt. is probably helping out there somewhere even after the tax crediting...

Our wallets breathe a sigh of relief, as the lottery comes and goes without our names being called, so we stand in line until 7 when the box office window opens to offer standing room seats. We're told there's about 30, so our efforts are rewarded. How much do we pay? $27!

A success here too!
Show starts in an hour, so a quick slice to eat at a nearby Sbarro and then we're off to (stand to) see The Book of Mormon!
The empty set, a bald man enters on the right...
The things you need to do just to go see a show...

So this is what a whole day of standing got us, a numbered spot behind a rail, and more standing. But we managed to get good spots to err... stand (this will be my last mention of us standing, promise). We had a good view with which to enjoy the show. Funnily enough after intermission a man started standing (I said us!) next to Deb. He wasn't there before, and he was sort of in the walkway, so I'm assuming he forewent his seat that he must have paid alot of money for... I'm sure there's a saying here about the perception of value that applies here.
Overall it was a good show, enjoyable, laughable, but I can't really see why it's booked out for at least a year in advance, as the musical numbers, while spectacular were not particularly memorable, we didn't find ourselves humming the tunes after we came home. Neither did they really have any meaning other than within their own context. Aveue Q songs on the other hand you we have always found ourselves coming back to. And with the writers being Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you can't help going through the whole show thinking it's not The Book of Mormon, but "South Park, The Musical Mormon Special", or should that be Mormon Musical?

Overall I'd still say that it's worth going to see, for full price though? I'll have to think about that one. Make sure you go with an open mind because otherwise you will be offended, and try not to read into it any religious subtext, or you'll probably be even more offended.

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