Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And now we resume normal programming

Hopefully that little break has served you well, as it's time to go back to what I've been doing all along, that is filling you in about our daily life in this city.

We never got anything like this in Sydney
So a major even has occurred in that Deb and I have moved into our new apartment. Over the course of the last week the dream of having our own living space in New York has been realised. Thanks to alot of hard work put in by our friends (thanks especially to Dewi, Dawen and Andy) and family, (mum and dad) we've been able to do so quite quickly.

Three trips up and down 24th street to 93rd street later, this is what our apartment looks like. 

We had slowly accumulated little bits and pieces at our temporary apartment, ones that we thought we'd be able to manage with Dawen's minivan move, and obviously, big ticket items had to wait until we had the keys to the new place.

 Box sweet box?

Deb and I have now formed an unfailing tradition of not having mealspaces when we move into new places. It happened at her first apartment, it happened at mine. And as the photos of those memories look on on the shelf nearby, we couldn't break tradition by having furniture to eat on. Don't worry, we have since procured a dining table through the wonders of craigslist. One stressful subway trip later with our mum and dad, we finally have space to eat. Updated photos will come soon.

Next up was a couch, well this actually came a few nights before. But in order of importance a couch is arguably further down the scale. The impending visit of Deb's parents however made sure the couch forced it's way up the list.

NOW you stop to think about it...

We knew we weren't staying for long so there wasn't much use in getting furniture that we could lose out alot on when it came time to go back to Australia. The unfortunate by product of purchasing cheap furniture is of course, production methods having corners cut. Because of this, a leg wouldn't screw in properly as it was covered by a particularly thick layer of paint. So I waved my mechanic's wand over it, threw it at the gas burner cooktop, and manhandled it into place with my manly manliness. After that ordeal, we finally had a sofa bed.

Something that you would expect, and not expect at the same time of cheap furniture makers, was a little inventiveness on their behalf. I'll leave it to you to figure out what this is about.

The little tag says "leg inside"

As we lifted the couch out and discovered no extra pieces, we did wonder for a minute. At least there were no embarrassing phone calls to suppliers to figure out that the legs were hiding in that neatly hidden zip up pouch.

No trip to America is complete without a day dedicated to Outlet Shopping. Those of you that know me best know that in my happier moments I am behind the steering wheel of a car, so the past month being stuck on trains and on foot would of course, leave a longing. With outlet shopping it's just too difficult being at the mercy of public transport. So we rented a car!

Next post, come along with us for a road trip to Woodbery Commons!

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