Monday, February 25, 2013

Bonus Round!

You go half way around the world trying to escape this infernal feline, but she'll still find you. Granted we were in a store that originated in Japan it was bound to happen, but still. Evil geniusses aspire to take over the world the way this cat has.

This was obviously the mother's idea because the child was scared witless. A nightmarish blend of snowman and kitten head on what otherwise looks like a person would do that to you too right?

Here are some more silly things to share with you all on our voyages around this crazy city.

Homewares shopping can be the bane of your existence if you do it enough, thus finding ways to amuse yourself is necessary to make the time bearable. Enjoyable even.

To everybody else I'm sure this isn't the idea you have when you're looking for a "fish plate" to steam fish with in a wok, at the same token, I'm sure this is what Deb had in mind all along.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a dream come true for you home furnishers out there. It can also be one of those unending nightmares you just can't seem to escape as we managed to miss a scheduled call home with our parents. We didn't think we spent that much time in there... the sun shone and dissappeared in the time we were inside trying to pick matching kitchenware and what not.

You know how you're always told that trolleys aren't allowed on the escalator? In places like Bed Bath and Beyond there are always multiple levels so you accomodate customers by helping them avoid the, buy a bunch of stuff on this level shuffle.

So here's an escalator that people aren't allowed on. With some elegant geometry it will stay upright while it's in transit. Can you tell it's the first time I've seen something like this?

Hopefully this post has served to lighten what has otherwise been heavy reading on this blog in recent times.

Here's a teaser of just some of what will be shared in the next post.

The stowaways finally find their new home.

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